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Zebra (Black With A Stripes Of Gold Leaf)


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A striking zebra sculpture adorned with gold leaf stripes, blending wildlife and luxury. This Zebra figurine in "Black With Stripes of Gold Leaf" serves as a bold and artistic addition to your decor. It's ideal for settings where you want to celebrate the beauty of wildlife with a touch of creativity and luxury.

Whether displayed in a spacious living room, a garden, or as part of an artful decor theme, a Zebra figurine in "Black With Stripes of Gold Leaf" creates a visually captivating and opulent ambiance. The unique coloring and lifelike design make it a commanding and artistic centerpiece that adds a sense of luxury and creativity to your decor.

Dimension : 22 in x 85 in x 63 in

Cubage (ft³) : 68.18

Weight (lbs) : 93

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