Decorating Ideas for Christmas Kitchen
May 23, 2024
From breakfast chats to late-night snacks, the kitchen plays a key role as the center and heart of the home. Whether you are hosting a casual holiday gathering or a formal Christmas dinner party, the kitchen holds significance of togetherness, bonding and hospitality. Some of life’s best memories are made in the kitchen and at Christmas which is why decorating this space is so important.
When and Where is the Best Time to Buy Christmas Decorations
May 06, 2024
Shopping and decorating for Christmas can be accomplished all year long, but the best time to buy decorations is early in the season. 
Christmas To-Do Lists
May 05, 2024
There’s a variety of things you can plan in advance and segment by priority, to make your merry December slightly less stressful and a little more merry. Let’s dive in and make some Christmas to-dos!
Family decorating a Christmas tree at night outdoors.
Apr 30, 2024
What makes a certain tradition truly special, is the connection you have to yours family. That’s why we love getting to know traditions and finding new ones, because family Christmas traditions at the end of the day are the best way to get into the Christmas spirit.
Sign with "Christmas in July" message, a Santa hat, and beach decorations.
Mar 26, 2024
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle….. In July? That’s right, we are talking about Christmas in July. Why wait a whole 12 months to celebrate Christmas when you can celebrate twice a year? The unofficial holiday, which falls on July 25th each year, serves as an almost halfway point to the beloved December 25th holiday. 
Santa by fireplace and Christmas tree.
Mar 19, 2024
The hearty "ho,ho,ho" laugh, red dress and flying sleigh - it’s Santa Claus! But who first invented Santa Claus? In this article we will explore the history of Santa Claus and his importance in American holiday traditions. To find out more, we have to go back to the past!