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Young Gorilla 1 (Apricot Crush)


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A realistic depiction of a young gorilla, inviting contemplation on the natural world. This Young Gorilla figurine in "Apricot Crush" serves as an artistic and nature-inspired addition to your decor. It's ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings, where it can celebrate the beauty and majesty of these incredible creatures.

Whether displayed in a garden, on a patio, or as part of an artistic decor theme, a Young Gorilla figurine in "Apricot Crush" adds a touch of artistic elegance and reverence for nature to your surroundings. Its unique coloring and lifelike design create an engaging and visually captivating ambiance, making it a distinctive and thought-provoking part of your decor.

Dimension : 14 in x 10 in x 35 in

Cubage (ft³) : 2.84

Weight (lbs) : 13

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