Wolf Pop



A representation of a wolf family, evoking the wild and close-knit bonds within the animal kingdom. This Wolf Pop figurine with illuminated lights serves as an engaging and artistic addition to your decor. It infuses a touch of visual intrigue and enchantment into your space, creating a captivating centerpiece and a symbol of artistry and creativity.

Whether displayed in an art studio, a modern decor setting, or as a conversation piece in your living space, a Wolf Pop figurine with illuminated lights adds a sense of artistic charm and intrigue to your surroundings. The combination of the unique design and the mesmerizing glow of the lights creates an inviting and visually captivating atmosphere, making it a distinctive part of your decor.

Dimension : 22 in x 15 in x 24 in

Cubage (ft³) : 4.58

Weight (lbs) : 18

Light Colors (LED) : White

Light Counts : 150

Output : 24v

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