Willy GingerB



A delightful portrayal of a gingerbread family, evoking the warmth and sweetness of holiday baking. This Willy Gingerbread figurine with illuminated lights serves as a heartwarming and enchanting addition to your holiday decor. It's perfect for infusing a touch of holiday cheer and whimsy into your space and can be a conversation starter or a central piece of your festive decorations.

Whether displayed on a dining table, in an entryway, or as part of a gingerbread-themed holiday decor, a Willy Gingerbread figurine made of illuminated lights adds a touch of festive magic to your surroundings. Its charming design and warm illumination create an inviting and joyful ambiance, making it a wonderful addition to your holiday celebrations.

Dimension : 32in x 6in x 39in

Cubage (ft³) : 4.33

Weight (lbs) : 13

Light Colors (LED) : Warm White

Light Counts : 320

Output : 24v

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