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A werewolf figurine embodying the transformation between man and beast, a staple of Halloween lore. This figurine serves as a dramatic and formidable centerpiece for themed events, haunted houses, or anyone who appreciates the mystique and allure of mythical creatures. It's an ideal choice for creating a spine-tingling atmosphere.

Whether displayed as a focal point at a Halloween party, a haunted attraction, or as part of a horror-themed decor, an Werewolf figurine creates an awe-inspiring and menacing presence. Its lifelike design and imposing size make it a captivating and eerie addition to settings where a touch of the macabre is desired.


Material: Fiberglass

Dimension : 69 in x 75 in x 83 in

Cubage (ft³) : 248.57

Weight (lbs) : 243

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