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The Undead Drummer


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Elevate your Halloween festivities with "The Undead Drummer" - a captivating ensemble of skeletal musicians that effortlessly blend whimsy with a spooky charm. Crafted from durable fiberglass, these skeletal maestros bring an eerie yet entertaining vibe to your Halloween decor. This unique and eye-catching decoration is perfect for those who want to infuse their space with a touch of the supernatural.

Each piece is meticulously designed to showcase intricate skeletal details, making it a standout addition to your haunted ensemble. Set the stage for a memorable Halloween experience with "The Undead Drummer" and let the skeletal rhythm of the afterlife become the centerpiece of your spooky celebration. Unleash the power of the undead with this one-of-a-kind decoration that is sure to turn heads and spark conversations at your Halloween gathering.

Dimension : 30 in x 31 in x 67 in

Cubage (ft³) : 36.06

Weight (lbs) : 65

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