Star 2-in-1 (Warm White)


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Illuminate your space with the Star 2-in-1, a captivating blend of celestial elegance and modern LED technology. Crafted entirely from radiant LED, this star brings a warm white glow that transforms any environment into a haven of enchantment. Whether hung as a centerpiece or adorning your walls, its sleek design effortlessly elevates your decor with a touch of celestial brilliance.

Designed for versatility, the Star 2-in-1 ensures a seamless fit into any room or outdoor space, creating a cozy ambiance that transcends ordinary lighting. Embrace the simplicity of warm white radiance and add a celestial touch to your surroundings - bring home the Star 2-in-1 and let your space shine with timeless simplicity.

Dimension : 48in x 6in x 48in

Cubage (ft³) : 7.63

Weight (lbs) : 3

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