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Skull Archway


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An archway adorned with skull decorations, creating an ominous entrance to Halloween-themed spaces. A "Skull Archway" with "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" written on a board could make for a captivating and spooky Halloween decoration. Typically, such an archway features a design resembling a skeletal or skull motif, and it's often adorned with additional eerie details and lighting to create an ominous atmosphere.

The "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" message on the board would add a festive touch to the archway, making it suitable for Halloween parties and events. This archway could be used as an entrance or backdrop to greet guests and set the tone for a hauntingly fun celebration.

Dimension : 134 in x 35 in x 112 in

Cubage (ft³) : 303.98

Weight (lbs) : 300

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