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Nibble Eating Donut


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Meet "Nibble Eating Donut" - a delightful mouse statue crafted from durable fiberglass. This charming addition brings a touch of whimsy to your space, capturing the playful moment of a mouse enjoying a tasty donut. Perfect for adding character to any room, indoors or out, Nibble's detailed design and durable construction make it a standout piece that sparks joy and conversation. Let this adorable mouse statue become a unique focal point in your decor, creating a lighthearted atmosphere that brings smiles and adds a delightful twist to your surroundings.

Crafted with precision, the fiberglass material ensures longevity, allowing you to enjoy Nibble's charming presence for years to come. Whether placed in your garden or displayed in your home, Nibble Eating Donut is a sweet and whimsical touch that adds a dash of personality to your living space. Embrace the playful side of decor with "Nibble Eating Donut" - a lovable mouse statue that adds a sprinkle of joy to your everyday surroundings.

Dimension : 18in x 15in x 24in

Cubage (ft³) : 3.7

Weight (lbs) : 14

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