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Cracked Egg Photo Op


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Introducing the Cracked Egg Photo Op - a distinctive and whimsical addition to elevate your Easter memories. Nestled within the charming structure of a cracked egg, this photo opportunity promises a unique and playful backdrop for capturing delightful moments.

Perfect for Easter celebrations, themed parties, food festivals, and beyond, our cracked egg photo ops offer event attendees a chance to unleash their creativity. Guests can snap entertaining photos, creating lasting memories that can be shared on social media or cherished as delightful souvenirs. Make your event unforgettable by incorporating this interactive and fun feature, ensuring everyone gets a crack at capturing their unique perspective within the whimsical embrace of the Cracked Egg Photo Op!

Dimension : 26in x 41in x 39in

Cubage (ft³) : 24.01

Weight (lbs) : 154

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