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Christmasball 80cm


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Introducing the Christmasball 80cm, a striking and versatile holiday ornament crafted from durable fiberglass. Standing at an impressive size, this Christmas ball becomes a captivating centerpiece for your festive decor. The smooth and resilient fiberglass construction ensures longevity and stability, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor displays. Its sleek and classic design, combined with the enduring material, transforms any space into a winter wonderland. Whether hanging elegantly from the tree or adorning a festive display, the Christmasball 80cm adds a touch of sophistication and timeless charm to your holiday celebrations, creating a visual focal point that embodies the spirit of the season.

Dimension : 24in x 24in x 31in

Cubage (ft³) : 10.17

Weight (lbs) : 21

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