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Christmas Parcel


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Introducing our Christmas Parcel, a delightful addition to your holiday decor. These exquisite figurines feature intricate decorative elements with charming gift and parcel motifs, effortlessly infusing elegance into your festive surroundings. Beyond mere ornaments, they embody the true spirit of giving and capture the joyful anticipation of unwrapping gifts during the Christmas season. Whether showcased on their own as standalone decorations or incorporated into a larger holiday display, these figurines, available in 12-inch, 16-inch, and 24-inch variations, promise to be a highlight of your seasonal adornments.

Discover the perfect size for your festive vision and easily incorporate these Christmas Parcels into your holiday ambiance. Whether sourced from holiday decor stores, Christmas shops, or online retailers specializing in a variety of holiday-themed decorations, these figurines are sure to become cherished elements of your holiday traditions. Bring the magic of Christmas to life with the timeless charm of our Christmas Parcel - order yours today!



Dimension : 12in x 12in x 12in

Cubage (ft³) : 0.95

Weight (lbs) : 20



Dimension : 22in x 22in x 16in

Cubage (ft³) : 4.27

Weight (lbs) : 25



Dimension : 31in x 31in x 24in

Cubage (ft³) : 13.56

Weight (lbs) : 30

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