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Bowing Deer


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Introducing the Bowing Deer adorned with LED Lights, a graceful and enchanting addition to your holiday decor. This illuminated masterpiece captures the spirit of the season, blending elegance with festive charm. Crafted with meticulous detail, the Bowing Deer creates a magical atmosphere with its warm LED lights, making it a perfect centerpiece for both indoor and outdoor displays. The energy-efficient LED technology ensures a brilliant and enduring glow, while the deer's bowing posture adds a touch of whimsy to your festive arrangements. Elevate your holiday celebrations with this captivating Bowing Deer, combining sophistication and luminous allure to make your space shine with seasonal splendor.

Dimension : 75in x 3in x 42in

Cubage (ft³) : 5.74

Light Colors (LED) : Warm White

Light Counts : 120

Output : 24v

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