Important Shipping Notice


Dear Customer, Thank you for choosing Christmas in America for your seasonal themed décor. We appreciate your trust in us to deliver high-quality products that enhance your holiday displays and events. Our commitment is to ensure a seamless shipping experience for you, from the moment your order is placed to its safe arrival at your doorstep.


Upon the arrival of your products, please ensure that you inform the driver to wait while you inspect for any damages or issues. It is crucial that you fully inspect the items before signing the "Proof of Delivery" (POD). Filing a claim becomes challenging once you've signed the shipping document. Insurance coverage is only applicable if damages are identified before signing.

Delivery Check Off List:

  • Instruct the driver to wait while your inspect for any damages or issues.
  • Before unloading the trailer, please take a photo of the freight in the trailer.
  • Please take photos of all freight unloaded and carefully inspect all freight.
  • Once inspected, the POD (Proof of Delivery) must be marked as “Damaged” with any damages or issues at time of delivery noted in order to have a valid freight claim.
  • Please fully inspect all freight and specify the pallet and goods having signs of damage or issues.
  • If there is visible damage to the outside of the box (small holes, footprints, discoloration, item detached from pallet), have the driver note “Visible Outer Damage”.
  • If the driver does not permit you to open the freight and there are no visible damages, instruct the driver to note "Possible Concealed Damage”.

Reporting Damage:

In the case that a product is received damaged, you are required to notify our Customer Service Team by email at within 24 hours of delivery with all damages or defects clearly communicated so that we can process your claim. You are required to hold the original carton and damaged merchandise for inspection, otherwise, no claim, replacement or refund can be honored.

If POD is NOT marked at time of delivery, the chance of getting a claim approved reduces significantly. Christmas in America has five (5) business days to notify the carrier of concealed damages. Concealed damage claims are not guaranteed settlements and can take several months for a final approval.

Our Customer Service team is here to assist you in addressing any questions. We thank you for complying with the above instructions as our intent is to ensure that any claims are processed and finalized as swiftly as possible.


Thank you, 


Christmas in America

Customer Service