When and Where is the Best Time to Buy Christmas Decorations

When and Where is the Best Time to Buy Christmas Decorations

May 06, 2024

There is so much to be excited about around the holidays but for many, Christmas shopping and decorating are on the top of their list. It’s that magical moment spent wandering through festively adorned stores, shopping for the perfect ornaments among the twinkling lights that bring so much joy. 

Shopping and decorating for Christmas can be accomplished all year long, but the best time to buy decorations is early in the season. You can get ahead of the curve and save some money by shopping as soon as summer when we start stocking holiday décor in stores. We may mark up their product during the holiday season when decorations have the highest demand and holiday shoppers are frenzied, so it’s advantageous to plan ahead and prepare.

Christmas in July Deals

Christmas in July is a great opportunity to buy holiday decorations. The unofficial holiday, which falls on July 25th each year, serves as an almost halfway point to the December holiday. It’s an added bonus to the year for holiday-goers to enjoy the joys and perks of the season through cooking, spending time with loved ones and taking advantage of our special sales early in the year.

Shopping for Christmas decorations in July allows you to plan and prepare ahead during this traditionally slower time of year for our shop. We offer discounts and promotions in July, allowing you to beat the holiday rush and crowds that come with waiting until December.  It’s a time to discover a wide array of decorations, lights and special products that may not be found once items have been picked over. If you’re looking to refresh your holiday décor with new ornaments, sparkling lights, trees and wreaths, shopping during this July holiday could be for you!

Black Friday

If waiting until closer to the Christmas holiday is more your speed, shopping for holiday decorations during Black Friday can offer many benefits. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, traditionally starts the holiday shopping season in the United States and is known for its deep discounts and special deals. We begin offering discounts a few days before official Black Friday, so make sure to check our site early to avoid missing out on the best deals because of products selling out.

Customers taking advantage of shopping for Christmas decorations during this time can also beat the crowds, lack of merchandise and high prices that come along with waiting until closer to Christmas day. It’s a strategic way to save money while getting a head start on your holiday preparations. It also allows you to decorate your home and enjoy the holiday spirit and festive atmosphere of Christmas for longer. 

New Product Releases

By bringing in a fresh assortment of holiday décor each year, you can introduce new memories while celebrating nostalgic ones. From July until Christmas, shopping for new decorations is best as the selection of new releases and wide assortments are at their peak. The mix of new and old can bring about excitement for the coming holiday, add novelty and renew traditions in your home. Whether you shop for the latest ornament or purchase a popular candle scent of the season, staying updated to find trending decorations is key. Each new addition adds to the magical landscape for holiday gatherings, festive meals and exchanging gifts with friends and family.

After Christmas Sale

After Christmas sales are a wonderful opportunity to purchase inexpensive Christmas decorations. Significant markdowns after the holidays are an effective way for us to clear out inventory while offering an affordable way for you to prepare for the following year. 

Quality items that may have been out of budget before Christmas can now be purchased at a fraction of the cost, saving you money and allowing you to invest in long- lasting decorations for future holidays. In addition, avoiding the holiday rush means avoiding crowds and taking time to select your holiday decorations without feeling rushed.

Where to Buy Christmas Decorations?

Christmas shop display with ornaments and a decorated tree.

Explore our wide variety of Christmas decorations and holiday products at our brick and mortar location in Mount Vernon, NY, as well as online. We are excited to offer an extensive collection of ornaments, greenery, lights, stockings, figurines, and much more. We love bringing the spirit of Christmas year after year and we look forward to supplying your holiday decorations.

To Sum Up

Christmas shopping and decorating can be one of the happiest and most exciting times of the year. It’s about coming together, creating memories and celebrating the magic of the season. By planning ahead, researching holiday trends and making informed decisions based on your personal preferences, choosing the best time to buy Christmas decorations can save you money, time and stress. We invite you to apply for our newsletter to stay up to date on everything Christmas!



When is the best time to buy Christmas decorations?
The best time to buy Christmas decorations is early in the season, starting in July. We start offering the most extensive stock, variety, and best price points early to help you plan and prepare for the holiday efficiently.

When to buy Christmas decorations on sale?
The best time to buy Christmas decorations on sale is during Christmas in July, Black Friday or After Christmas promotions.

Where to buy Christmas decorations?
You can find an extensive line of Christmas decorations at our brick and mortar location in Mount Vernon, NY, or shop online with us. We're proud to offer a wide variety of ornaments, greenery, lights, stockings, figurines, and much more.