Festive wooden reindeer decoration among pine cones and greenery.

10 Smart and Efficient Tips on How to Store Christmas Decorations

Feb 13, 2024

Many of us want to cherish our Christmas decorations in all their glory for many years. However, when the holidays are over, we're faced with the task of safely storing our holiday treasures. In this article we will take you through 10 best tips on how and where to store Christmas decorations. 

So, let's make next year's unboxing an enjoyable chore!

1. Clean and Maintain

Your Christmas decorations, having been the stars of your living space for a whole month, have also become quite the dust magnets. Before stowing them away, it's important to give them a thorough cleaning to ensure they retain their sparkle. For most Christmas decorations, a microfiber cloth works well. But for delicate and fragile items, it's better to use a soft brush or feather duster.

Some decorations may also require additional maintenance. For instance, if you have a wreath that has lost its vibrant color over the years, you can revitalize it using a color spray in green, gold, or silver. Alternatively, adding new decorations can give it a fresh look. This technique can be applied to all your greenery to keep it looking lively.

2. Use Toilet Paper, Kitchen Towel, and Handkerchief for Protection

 Stack of white paper tissues on a wooden background.

To safely store delicate Christmas ornaments, use soft and gentle materials for wrapping. Items commonly found in every household, such as toilet paper, kitchen towels, and handkerchiefs, can be surprisingly effective for protecting your Christmas figurines and other fragile decorations. Extra points if you find any bubble wrap laying around!

3. Save the Original Packaging

Box of blue Christmas balls with white snowflake patterns.

To preserve your Christmas decorations in tip top shape, remember to save the original packaging, which can save you the stress of finding a safe storage box for your sentimental and delicate decor. If you have a lot of small original ornament boxes, it's always a good idea to store them all in one large organizer box and keep them all in one place throughout the year. 

4. Use an Ornament Storage Box

Red fabric storage box with white polka dots and a zipper.

Investing in an Ornament Storage Box is a smart move for securing your delicate Christmas ornaments, made of fragile materials such as glass. These boxes are made to provide optimal protection for your beloved decorations, featuring compartments and padding that keep each individual ornament secure. This will help you make sure that your ornaments maintain their condition and magic year after year. 

5. Use an Empty Egg Carton to Store Christmas Ornaments

Open egg carton on a wooden surface, top view.

We know you have an egg carton laying around your home somewhere. Luckily for you, now you’ve got a way to use it for storage purposes. Smaller Christmas ornaments need a place to stay secure and safe as well, which is why egg cartons make for extremely handy storage solutions for smaller, round Christmas ornaments. 

For this to work in the most elegant way possible, you’ll need to clean your carton with a paper towel, and gently place each ornament into the individual compartments. Once the ornaments are safely secured from one another, close the carton and tie it with an elastic band to secure it, then feel free to store it along with your other Christmas decorations or in a large organizer box. Voilà!

6. An Empty Tea (Paper) Box is Not Only for Tea 

Assorted Christmas ornaments in a box on red plaid fabric.

During winter, you’ll probably find yourself with some empty tea boxes lying around. These can be repurposed for storing small Christmas decorations, or act as a secure box for individual ornaments. They are ideal for keeping tiny ornaments from getting lost or scattered in a larger box, or as a secure place to store your delicate decorations. Remember to wrap any fragile pieces in some paper before placing them into a tea box for much needed extra protection.

7. Reusing a Cardboard Box

Pile of cardboard boxes with bubble wrap for packing or moving.

Reusing a cardboard box for Christmas decoration storage purposes is an option that’s sustainable and eco-friendly as well, amongst other things! Ask for some in your local grocery shops, or use an old package box that’s been sitting around - anything goes. 

When placing your decor into the box, group similar decorations together and give extra care to fragile items such as Christmas ornaments by wrapping each one individually in paper and tissue. For delicate items like snow globes, we’d recommend using bubble wrap. 

Another handy tip is to cut a piece of slightly stiffer cardboard to wrap around indoor or outdoor lights, preventing them from becoming tangled and damaged.

8. Paper Bags Make Your Life Easier

Using paper bags can make your life easier when it comes to storing certain decorations.  They're ideal for smaller, sturdier decorations that wouldn’t break or scratch easily and don't require individual wrapping. This includes items like wooden ornaments, certain figurines, and other decorations such as picks, sprays, and artificial greenery. Just remember to place them in the bag carefully to avoid crushing and altering their shape.

9. Don't Forget To Label the Boxes and Bags

Person labeling a cardboard box with a black marker.

Don’t forget the importance of labeling your storage boxes. Clearly mark each box with its contents to make it easier to locate specific items throughout the year. For better organization, consider numbering the boxes (e.g., "1 out of 5 boxes") and categorize them by contents such as:

  • Figurines 
  • Ornaments
  • Greenery
  • Indoor lights
  • Outdoor lights

Finally, make sure to jot down a list of all your items at the end. This way, you won't forget any of your treasured decorations. This tip will save you the hassle of opening and checking each one, once the jolly season comes around!

10. Avoid Storage in Damp and Moldy Places

Be mindful of moisture and mold when choosing a storage spot for your Christmas decorations. They should be kept in a dry place, away from sunlight to keep them like new for many years. If that’s possible, avoid damp rooms, such as basements, as moisture can cause decorations to deteriorate or develop unpleasant odors over time. It’s best to store them on shelves in a cool, dry place. 

A good hack, that your Christmas decorations and your humid basement will be thankful for is investing in an electric dehumidifier for your home, which collects water from the air and prevents mold from forming in your walls and ruining your stored items. To deter pests, consider adding lavender or other scents. For textile decorations, take extra precautions to prevent moth damage.

To Wrap Up

By implementing these strategies, you can ensure that your holiday decorations will last you a lifetime - and maybe even become your family’s heirlooms! Create a dedicated space in your home that not only simplifies the storage process but also makes it an activity you look forward to each year. Whether you choose to store your decorations in a garage, shed, or a cozy nook within your home, remember that the key lies in how you pack them – with love and care. 

In doing so, you're not just storing decorations, you're preserving cherished holiday memories. Here's to a future filled with many more Christmases, made all the more special by the decor you've thoughtfully preserved. 

Wishing you Merry Storing!