Cozy window sill with winter decor, lit stars, and snowy view outside.

Winter Wonderland Home: How to Decorate After Christmas

Feb 13, 2024

The Christmas holidays are over and the Christmas decorations have already jingled their last bell goodbye. If your decorations are already safely stored, waiting for their next time to shine, or you’re yet to tackle the chore of taking them down, we will all face the same problem sooner, rather than later. Our home, previously full of dazzling decorations and Christmas glitter, will suddenly lose its holiday charm, making it feel empty. 

But since winter and the winter fun aren’t over yet, decorating in a winter style for the next couple months can really set the mood in our living spaces. Let us help you answer your questions on how to decorate a home.

The Power of Winter Details

Adding minimal, pretty winter decorations is the easiest way on how to decorate a room like winter wonderland quickly. Elements, such as pine cones, dried branches, plush blankets and pretty pillows can quickly enhance your home in a special winter charm. Small changes are a quick and easy way to add to the atmosphere, after Christmas is over.

Winter Greens And Pine Cones 

Festive table centerpiece with candle, pine branches, and berries.

Mother nature knows best - shop for natural decorative elements or gather your own decorations on your next walk. Here’s a few motifs to look out for and for your inspiration:

  • Pick up some winter greens in your nearby park or a forest if you have the option to. Faux greenery is also a good option, as it’s even easier to store, clean and reuse. Look out for spruce, cedar or ivy branches - these will make for a beautiful detail, or for a whimsical centerpiece bouquet.
  • Scout for tree cones in fall or winter, and enhance your winter decor with them. Pine cones are a great example of a winter decoration provided by nature, as they add the special charm before, during and after Christmas. Display them in a bowl as a centerpiece on your entry table as a winter decoration, and add Christmas bulb ornaments to the pile during the holidays! 
  • Tree cones are super versatile as decor, as you can use them to create cheery figurines, with children or by yourself, such as reindeer or sheep and display them around your home to greet your guests. Another way to use them is to tie them to a string, alongside with dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks. Not only will this create the coziest of vibes, it will also smell nice.

Decorate Your Potted Plants

Decorate your indoor plants with paper snowflakes. Craft them yourself or shop for them in your local craft store, tie them to a thread and hang them on your indoor plants. You can also reuse the picks and sprays you used to decorate your Christmas tree, and stick them into the soil. Decorating the soil with snowman figurines, gnomes etc. also adds to the cheery winter charm! You can even play pretend, and create a small winter wonderland all on the soil of your plants - place fake snow or cotton on it, make a little village, and create a story!

Winter Wonderland Scented Candles

Lit candle with heart decoration amidst Christmas balls on snow.

Fragrance plays a huge role in creating an atmosphere. Light scented candles around your home in the evening. Make sure that the scents are those that are characteristic of winter. Vanilla is an old classic that is always suitable for the winter months, as its aroma creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Popular winter scents are also:

  • Fruit: apple, oranges
  • Spices: cinnamon, anise, cardamom
  • The smell of trees: pine, juniper

Candles create a pleasant and comfortable winter atmosphere that will make our moments more beautiful, you can even reuse or finish off your Christmas candles. Another way to add some elegance and pleasant smell to your home is potpourri. You can make it yourself with cinnamon, star anise, whole cloves and more spices, that remind you of everything cozy, or you can shop for potpourri online or in your local mall.

If you are too sensitive to smells, opt for the unscented candles, as environmental lighting also plays a role in creating a cozy atmosphere, especially in winter with the shorter days.

Snowflakes Can Make a Nice Winter Atmosphere

Snowflakes crafted from paper with scissors on a blue background.

Make white snowflake decorations around the apartment. Snowflakes can also be cut out of paper and hung around the apartment. From foam, you can make a snowball from white foam. All this can be hung on lights, windows and doors. If you have the will and time, you can also cut a snowman out of paper, draw his eyes with black paint and paint the hat and buttons. For all this, you can only use a plain white sheet of paper, scissors and thread for hanging or tape for sticking.

Winter Centerpieces for Your Home

To make your home feel atmospheric, think about centerpieces to display in the most lived in places of your space. Centerpieces are a great way to decorate your house after Christmas, so it doesn’t feel empty after you put your tree, Christmas wreaths and other decorations down.

Make a Winter Village 

Make a display shelf, an entry table or the top of your dresser a home for your own Winter Village. Find cute little winter figurines such as houses or gnomes in decoration shops. The figurines don’t even have to be brand new - check your holiday decor storage boxes and look for any gnomes, reindeers and cozy winter figurines you can use for your own Winter Village. Place all of your winter decor on your dedicated Winter Wonderland showcase. Try out different compositions, add or subtract elements, play with lighting and add fairy lights. Outside, you can collect interesting stones and sticks, and use them to decorate your Winter Village, add background and textures. You can even use some of your own potted plants to make it look like a bush or a tree.

Oranges, Cinnamon Sticks & Pomegranates

Rustic holiday decorations with lights and natural materials on wood.

While oranges with cinnamon sticks still give a hint of Christmas energy, they can make for the perfect winter decoration for after Christmas, up until February or even March. Place them in a pretty clay or wooden bowl, alongside with pomegranates for the coziest atmosphere. Since it looks appetizing, it makes for the perfect kitchen or dining room decoration, but it will also fit in perfectly in your hallway or on your coffee table. Besides looking nice, it will also emit a wonderful, tea inspired winter fragrance.

Candle Centerpieces

Like we have already mentioned, candles make for a great decoration, as they create atmospheric lighting and a pleasant smell to our space. Besides placing them throughout your home, you can also create a single centerpiece made of arranged candles. Please remember to not put any fire hazards, such as branches or cones near the candles.

Decorate your Walls and Windows after Christmas

Now that your counters, entry tables and shelves are all whimsically decorated and ready to be admired through January and February, let’s focus on vertical surfaces of your home. 

Hang Winter Paintings On The Walls 

Modern room with a minimalist decor and a framed mountain landscape.

Winter motifs on your wall paintings can add a special and beautiful charm to our spaces all year round. You can also create a small gallery space on the wall of your choice during and after Christmas. Print out or buy a few simple winter motifs and arrange them on your wall in an interesting or a minimalist composition.

Paint on Windows

Painting on windows is also one of the ways to enrich your home during winter. You can buy  special window colors,  which you can use for drawing on windows and mirrors. There are a lot of types of paints, but we love the window cling paint the most - it’s also great for children to use and create with you. Some motifs ideas to use are icicles, snowflakes and snow piles

Hand drawing festive patterns on a frosty window with a snowy view.

First, you choose a motif you’d like and print it out on a piece of paper or draw it - this will act as an outline. Second, you place a transparent foil over it and secure both together. Then you can start drawing your motif of choice onto the plastic foil. When the paint dries in a few hours or overnight, peel your creation off and stick it onto a window, mirror or any other sticky surface such as a refrigerator, ceramic tiles, doors, etc. The best part of these is that once you peel them off, you can store them in a plastic file folder to reuse later.

How to Decorate Outside After Christmas

After displaying Christmas lights on the yard, roofs and the sidings of your house for a whole month, taking them down can make our yard feel empty and dark. There’s no rules on decorating your yard year-round! Find outdoor decor, figurines, lights to bring an enchanting atmosphere to your house even after Christmas. Our top tip in decorating the outside of your house for winter, is to keep it simple. 

String of warm light bulbs against a blurred evening background.

We sincerely hope this help guide on decorating your home after Christmas is helpful to you in any way! Creating a winter wonderland in your home requires a little imagination, but it really doesn’t have to be a chore. Make it an enjoyable project for yourself, or include your family members in creating and decorating as well. Include your DIYs as a part of your decor, include natural elements, and wall prints in your space to embrace everything you love about winter in the comfort of your own home.