Family decorating Christmas tree with Christmas topper.

Christmas Photoshoot Ideas: Capturing Holiday Magic

Jun 27, 2024

Christmas is a time of joy, warmth, and togetherness. One of the best ways to preserve those memories and moments all year round is through photos. We think that Christmas photos are one of the best ways to truly feel the Christmas cheer. However, sometimes the main obstacle is not having any ideas for a Christmas photoshoot. That’s why we gathered some ideas and sorted them in this blog post. We hope you find an idea that’s right for you here, or maybe you can even get inspiration for a photoshoot that is completely different from anything we thought of.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready, set, and shoot.

Christmas Photoshoot Ideas That Work Every Time

Indoor Christmas Photoshoot Ideas

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Have a photo shoot while decorating your Christmas tree for the season. That way, you can tackle two things on your to-do list at the same time. Plus, you can make it a tradition and create an album out of it. Imagine the sparkle in your loved ones' eyes and laughter in a few years when you look back on all of the Christmas themes your family had while growing up, one year at a time, and even more sweet and cherished memories.

Cozy Fireplace Settings

Decorate your fireplace with stockings and Christmas garlands to create the perfect backdrop for your Christmas photos. You can all snuggle up next to the fireplace with some hot cocoa and blankets and create the coziest looking photos that will make everyone want to join you for next year’s Christmas photoshoot.


Family relaxing by the fireplace during Christmas photoshoot.


Baking Christmas Cookies in the Kitchen

Christmas photos don’t have to be carefully planned! One of our favorite ideas for this year's photoshoot is a collage of candid pictures you take while enjoying your time as a family. This brings us to this idea: bake Christmas cookies in the kitchen and exchange the camera so everyone can be in the shot. Take photos of silly moments, laughs, and the cookies you make, then create a digital collage of the moments.

Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas

Snowy Winter Wonderland Scenes

If you're lucky enough to have a white Christmas, take advantage of it. Take photos outside in the snow, build a snowman and take a group photo with it, make snow angels and take a top-down shot. Let your inner child play with imagination and let it come to life - it’s just the magic of Christmas charm.

Christmas Market Visits

A Christmas market visit should be on everyone’s to-do list for the season. Why not take Christmas pics while you’re at it? Ask someone to take pictures of you and your friends, or even take a spontaneous family photo. The lights, the warmth, and everyone having a great time together will bring a smile to everyone’s face once they see the photos. Share the Christmas cheer with everyone!

Sledding and Winter Sports

Who said action shots can’t make an excellent Christmas photo? We certainly won’t stop you from making it happen! Go sledding, ice skating, hiking, or skiing - whichever is the closest to you and make it a day full of winter fun. Photos definitely won’t be the main part of your experience, and we think that’s the whole charm in making this idea come to life.

Family enjoying a winter walk in a snowy forest


Family Christmas Photoshoot Ideas

Christmas Dinner Table Setting

Your Christmas dinner table can make the perfect Christmas photo setting. Just imagine the cozy glow of the candles, how all of the Christmas lights in the room sparkle, and the inviting set of holiday dishes. This scene will look absolutely stunning in your Christmas photos, which makes it an ideal moment to take your shot of the season.

Family celebrating christmas dinner together

Christmas Morning with Pajamas

Capture the excitement of Christmas morning in matching pajamas! We love this Christmas photoshoot idea, and we think you will too - take shots of everyone unwrapping their Christmas presents in the morning next to your fireplace or the Christmas tree, and capture everyone’s reactions. This will make for a memorable set of photos you’ll look back on together with excitement.

Group Photos with Extended Family

If you have extended family visiting for the holidays, invite them to take group photos together. Capture the love, togetherness, and warmth this feeling brings. You can then give a copy of this photo to everyone as part of their Christmas present, which makes this Christmas photoshoot idea even more memorable and special.

Dog Christmas Photoshoot Ideas

We know including our furry best friends in Christmas photos is not even a question. If you’re looking for more classic ideas on how to pose your dog for your photoshoot or are thinking of something a little more outside the box.

Dress up your Dog in a costume

Invest in a dog ugly Christmas sweater or a Santa costume and dress up your furry buddy for Christmas photos. This will make for the perfect Instagram post - if you decide to share your masterpiece with others, of course.

Dog in reindeer antlers Christmas photoshoot

Posing with Wrapped Presents

This next Christmas photoshoot idea will warm the hearts of even the biggest Grinches out there. Pose your dog next to wrapped presents for a charming holiday scene. Picture them sitting (or wiggling if they’re the wiggly type) next to the colorful gifts you’ve arranged, their eyes sparkling with excitement. This will be the insta-perfect photo highlighting the playful and loving personality of your pet.

Christmas Couple Photoshoot Ideas

The Classic Mistletoe Shot

Mistletoe moments are one of the classic Christmas photoshoot ideas. Set up a camera on a tripod, set up a timer, and share a genuine under-the-mistletoe moment together as the camera shoots a picture of the two of you. This is the perfect romantic shot - you just can’t go wrong with it!

Couple's cozy Christmas photoshoot

Romantic Christmas Light Tours

Take a tour of local Christmas light displays and take selfies or ask someone to take a picture of the two of you next to large and shiny displays. Some ideas of places to go to experience the holiday magic include winter markets, holiday experiences, classically decorated parks, and more.

Christmas Baby Photoshoot Ideas

Baby in a Santa Costume

Up for making an irresistibly cute Christmas photo? Imagine your baby with rosy cheeks and a tiny red hat - if this isn’t an embodiment of Christmas joy and magic, we’re not sure what is. This picture will capture a precious moment you’ll get to cherish for years to come.

Baby's first Christmas photoshoot with mom

Baby’s First Christmas Tree Encounter

Capture your baby's first look at the sparkling Christmas tree! Just imagine their wide eyes sparkling at the look of the lights and shiny ornaments. This Christmas photoshoot idea will make for a funny and super cute picture every grandparent would be happy to get with their Christmas present - there’s a gift-giving hint for you!

Use Christmas Props

Set the Christmas photoshoot scene with ornaments, gift-wrapped boxes, lights, and blankets, and have your baby interact with all of the elements surrounding them naturally (as long as it is safe, of course). Now you just need to shoot the picture at the perfect time and voila!


Capturing the magic of Christmas through photos helps preserve the memories of this special time. No matter which ideas you choose this time around, we know you’ll find the setup that will represent your Christmas and memories in the most perfect way possible. Even more - you don’t have to settle for only one photoshoot this Christmas. Play around with all of the ideas or even combine them and, most importantly, enjoy the process.